"Learn to take a joke"

Yeah learn to make one

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dead like me characters | delores herbig

Delores Herbig, as in her big brown eyes / her big fat arse / her big strange heart.

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The Sao Francisco Church, Brazil (x)

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Before today it had never occurred to us that birds and bananas are at all similar. Now that we’ve seen this wonderfully weird and ridiculously cute series of parrot-banana hybrid Epoch Gashapon toys, we’re dying to see how other fruit and fauna pair up.

According to RocketNews24, these banana birdies are selling so well that the manufacturer has plans for a whole series of “parrot-foodstuff mash-ups.” The parrot-mushroom hybrids seen in the bottom image are coming out next.

Photos via @mel__t, Netorabo, @suicarin, @yasuu22, @akky_1981, and @nyairu1.

The parrot-banana series actually includes a number of birds from the parrot family from little cockatoos to the splashy Macau.

[via RocketNews24]

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Why did you have to leave…

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